Mystic Incantation

Mystic Incantation

Friday, August 6, 2010

Where Does God Live

Where Does God Live

Don’t read this article if you are a person who thinks God lives inside Temple, Church or Mosque. But if you are none among them please have a look at this because while you finish reading this you will come to know the dwelling of God.

• Why he lives there????

God needs a calm serene place to live, indeed a place which is not exasperated by any one. Once he selected inner most area of deciduous forest, but as a part of Human life civilization the forests were cleared. Thus God lost his solitary kingdom. After a lot of researches he found the apex of Himalayas to build his home. Man again reached Himalayas, as a part of his thirst for Guinness fame and mentality of conquering world. So God was depressed and was in a serious meditation to know the place where human beings seldom look. Years passed but God made his answer and now he lives within every human being, inside their mind” the place that we seldom look”.

• The Power Within

So God lives within our mind and we often call it as the power within. Power!!!Guys what do you mean by power????If I ask this question to a physicist he will tell its work done per unit time. Of course its right, the rate at which we put our abilities into practical life as time goes on is called the Power within.

• What is there for God to do???

God cannot do anything unless we discover ourselves; the point from where we start to use the power within God is there with every one of us. Know the Treasure Island within you, which is often called as Master Secret of Ages” THE SUB-CONCIOUS MIND”. Explore within you, your thoughts design your life. Mind is a fertile land whatever seeds we throw; it grows as trees which provide shadow for our forthcoming life. If we cultivate it with thoughts of goodness, sanctity, compassion and greatness the results will be explicitly well. The converse is also true. So please don’t think negative, don’t be a pessimistic, because fertile lands cannot differentiate between seeds and weeds. Break the shells of yesterday’s agony, feel the beauty of life and imagine the excellent tomorrow because you are the architect of your life.

• But dear Appu how can I make my sub-conscious mind active????

Once when I was taking a class about Mind to IELTS students, one lady of my mother’s age asked me “Sir, you told about a wonderful castle, the comforts we get there and made to water our mouths but you didn’t give the key to get inside the beautiful heaven. For a moment I was in awe, I asked her “Madam I didn’t get you”. With a smile she said “Son, please tell us how to make our sub-conscious mind active”. Do you also think the same question?

• How often you Pray

How often you pray?? Do you wait for problems to happen in your life to make a prayer? Are you a person who believes in the power of praying??? If not sorry I can’t help you!!!

Daily, pray to the God within yourselves. He will make your all dreams come true. But, how to make the prayer effective??? Or as the lady asked, “How to make my mind receptive?”

• The Different Phases of Mental Vibrations

The mind level can be classified as alpha level, beta level, theta level and delta level. Let us take alpha and beta level for our studies. The vibration with which we lead our hectic life is called beta level. Remember! Beta level is not the time to make the effective prayer. Turn it to alpha, the stage which saints and yogis possess.

• Alpha seems to be strange

Don’t hesitate to tell the above phrase. Now alpha is strange to you, but while finishing this chapter you will master it. Alpha is the mind state where everything seems to be profound, colorful, and man knows about himself. In this stage if we pray, imagine or desire for anything it will come into reality. It is true!!!!

How should you reach into alpha??? Follow the step that I have written below to get into alpha stage.

“Select a calm, serene atmosphere. Sit in a chair in the erect position. Close your eyes. Inhale to enrich your lungs. While you inhale imagine all the energy in this universe is getting into your soul, you feel much more relaxed, and now think you are the king of this universe. Slowly exhale. Imagine with the exhaling air all your mental depressions, worries, agony, melancholy, suppressions and all such kinds of negative emotions are going out. Continue the step for 5 times. While you finish this step you will reach into alpha stage. Now your sub conscious mind will be in a sleepy, drowsy state. It is the excellent time to impregnate subconscious mind (The place where God lives). It’s the time to make the scientific prayer which is often called Auto suggestions. Fill your mind with thoughts of goodness, compassion, charisma and design the beautiful tomorrow. You Can It Is My Guarantee.

• Why I get the reverse effect for my prayer

Whenever I talk with my students about the scientific prayer they ask me “Sir, why I always get the opposite of what I have prayed for?” Is this question haunts you also!!

Many people pray only with half belief in the almighty. Belief is the keyword. Belief-with belief you can make miraculous things come into reality. Have great belief about your sub conscious mind because it is the place where God made his dwelling.

Imagine your auto suggestions. Many people give 1000s of auto suggestions and imagine the opposite. Since imagination got 10 times power of auto suggestion it is obvious, who will win! Imagination and auto suggestion should go in the same track. Build your excellent days with the power of imagination not with will power.

• Before the Adieu

It is time for me to subside. The last word I have to share with you is about the magic of 21 days. Yes 21 days have got a blood relationship with the auto suggestions and imagination. Count for the consecutive 21 days and give your auto suggestions, yeah at the sharp 21st date it will be a reality. Believe. I am an experienced hand. So sit daily and give auto suggestions

“My lord, the very infinite intelligence which leads me towards virtue for the past tremendous years “The sub conscious mind”

is making me capable of achieving all targets in my life. The whole energy of the universe lies within me. I am very energetic. I am loved and cared by everyone. I am an infinite source of love and wisdom. My days are going to be excellently remarkable”

And imagine for the best. Your dreams will come into reality. I guarantee.

“Forget the darkness of past. Come out from the suffocating shell of past. Imagine your tremendous future. Success will be yours. Be the magical architect of your future”


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  1. good philosophy. i'll try it??? sir how are you????ur philosophical math life.all the best to get into our dream place.