Mystic Incantation

Mystic Incantation

Saturday, August 21, 2010



To be what, right???

I was exploring through my life after reading my God’s auto-biography “MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH”, to know how to transform myself into a pure vegetarian. I made a strong decision to be one at my 7th standard. But with time’s grace I was prompted to quit from that. I was very desperate about that. Again when I was studying at my 9th the same thought I had before took an incarnation in me. But at that time because my lack of self-control I again was provoked by time to quit from the vegetarian regimen. I was broken up with the feelings of such an offence. It was exasperating me through the mind. I always asked my best companion “Dear how can I become a complete pure vegetarian”. My attempt was not to imitate my pioneer, if so Hitler was also a pure vegetarian. So my dear readers what I am trying to convey is How I changed myself into a pure vegetarian after conceiving the real meaning of love, the real meaning of detachment, the real meaning of compassion. May me apologies to all my Non vegetarian friends because now I am going to tell one thing “You all are accomplices of pain shown against animals”

• How the true meaning of love turned me to be a perfect vegetarian.

Once after my 10th public examination I was traveling with my friend to Bangalore. After getting our tickets we were waiting at the railway station platform for our train. I was very much irritated with the foul smell arouse from the rail tracks and also with the snoring of my co passengers. At that (don’t know whether it was a result of my auto-suggestions) time my eyes stuck on a lady. I was looking at her not because she was pretty but she was carrying a small baby in her hands (because I am very fond of children). She was not a business executive, was not an officer, was not a radio or video jockey and was not a woman who showed extravaganza on her pre sumptuous dress, but a woman who belongs to the suffering category of Indians. I am very sad to remember her face and to tell she was a beggar. It was clear from her face that she had not seen food for the past one week. She was not able to get a job in that ambience because as I already told you she belonged to the suffering category of Indians. The dirty situation where girls are abused and are hurled into the society with innocent lives in their hand. I am not going deep about it because it’s the black phase of our society. We can question them “why can’t they do some jobs and live well” but who can have a mind to look after them and provide them a good atmosphere to live. Again a big query!!

Let me tell how I found the real meaning of love at her. She was begging for money to every one, was screaming for pennies. Even we don’t know how much a 10 paisa worth. But she was aware about its value. That’s why she dug for it among the places where people did their lavatory. It was not to buy kilos of apples or have sumptuous meal, but to buy milk, to buy bread for her small child who was crying with an empty stomach of several days.

A woman of small age was rambling to look after her child, to buy bread for it even by forgetting about hunger she had. Can we call that just as a love? Can we conclude the situation that it’s just affection? No my friends the love parents have to their children is incoherent. I am sorry I am not able to express that with mere words (But paradox is that people elope with girls/boys to fulfill their teenage infatuation forgetting their parents-what a pity). Have you ever imagined how scared will be our parents if we are living in a place where “Narabhojis” (monsters who consume human beings) exist? For grown up people-Will you be scared to live in such a world with your kids. Apply the same philosophy or psychology to feelings of animals. Please don’t neglect this by thinking love or affection is only with in human world. How would the poor fowls, animals feel when they lose their dear ones, when their eggs are broken, when they lose their father or mother or son who was there with them before a fraction of second? Please remember we slaughter them just to have a food which is unnecessary to our body. You may ask me “Hey idiot I am not a dirty stupid like you, I am not worried about what others feel; I want to celebrate life with tons of meat, fish and egg to make my tongue and mind spicy. Mind your own business”. Its right I am not a person to give advice (see this article is not advice conveying. It’s my personal opinion). But what we people would have done if they had litigators to speak for their life. It is your entire attitude to meditate over this small article.

Now I feel guilty because four years back I was a non-vegetarian. But the true knowledge of love made me to change. Let me pray it works for people who want to be a vegetarian. Hope time will point you and tell here goes the next generation Mahatma Gandhi. THE REAL HERO TIME REVEALED.

Jai Hind.

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