Mystic Incantation

Mystic Incantation

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How About A Pot of Bru Coffee

It was a nice Wednesday. I, my college mate and our shadows were rambling around the ambience of our college GEC. GEC always felt dry for me, in fact lost of cherish able moments were there in our first year. But I don’t know how those memories went perishable in our second year. So sorry for saying it was “A NICE WEDNESDAY”.

We were walking around, not for an eve tease at Vimala girls. Even we found GECians with burning cigarettes at their lips. I don’t know why these guys used this piece of drug to show their style. We continued with our perambulation in expectation to see her. Mean while my friend asked me “Appu, Have you ever missed somebody?” For a fraction of second I was intimidated. Do I miss someone? It went as introspection. Did I go some where wrong? Can I live for a single day with out that person’s memory? Saliva felt it so difficult to pass through my throat. I was dazzled with his question. How my affection went as a burden to that person? Was that the same situation suffered by the protagonist of my story “The Best Companion I ever have”. Still those memories haunt me! Even now while I am typing this article I cherished the beautiful days where we sat opposite to each other at our favorite Restaurant. But those colorful days are no more……

He again asked me “Do you miss some one badly?” With awe I asked him back “Can I go to my hostel, I am not feeling well”. “No, please be here for sometime she will come right now”. Our waiting continued. For me it felt like standing above thorns. I stood there, as how I did it in our short film “THE WAITING”. Even though time was running I felt it was scrambling. My memories went back to that prestigious school of Kaloor, the school where I and that person met. There I didn’t spend a moment like this for waiting some body. After the continuous lectures and the horrible elec…… class (still that classrooms fill my night mare) I and that person used to rush to our Entrance coaching centre TIME. We were so interested to go there not because girls filled the classes with majority but our passion towards Ramakrishnan sir’s Math class, Thomas sir’s chemistry class, and tiresome wits produced by Dr.Sajith with his favorite Moment of Inertia. My school also had excellent teachers, but everything screwed up because of that tedious ………. (Sorry something was there, but I don’t want to tell that). I didn’t possess enough guts to tell some body that……….. was my life’s whole time mistake because I never went for opine about the selection of that………... But Math was shining (still it’s my passion) because of my GURU (please read THE TRIBUTE TO MY GURU). Any how math and elec…… played key importance in building up such a relation ship between me and that person with whom I often sit in restaurants with pots of delicious Bru Coffee. We often shared our thoughts about beautiful, colorful days of future sitting in that kaloor-thammanom private bus. When ever that person was there with me Elec….. was not a tough subject and for him Math was like his girl friend. I always loved his long hair, shattered beard and his foul Malayalam, because he was such a handsome idiot.

Days turned into months, months paved the way towards years and that years passed,  but still I am not aware how Pain replaced his presence. Even now also it’s like a conundrum; I don’t know what persuaded him that my affection was a burden. When I discussed this matter with my GURU she was also panic stricken. May be his new college did that, or he might have got a new companion to share the pots of Bru coffee, or might have fallen in some pensive melancholy. But my dear, you were more than a brother to me. Still now also when my phone rings I expect that is you. But I know you went so longer from me, to teach me one thing-

“Special people often come into our life, to provide us a lot of situations to laugh, a lot of memories to cherish, lot of special moments to keep in our soul and depart fore ever to teach us how to live with out them”.

At last our waiting was over; she was there in front of the canteen. My friend’s face glittered with ecstasy. So the time was up and I decided to take a leave about them. But my friend never allowed me to go back, he asked “Appu, any way our female singer is with us now, and as male singer you also and with Violin me also, so its goanna be good evening how about a cup of Bru Coffee” I nodded for a No. So he reiterated me the same question “Do you miss some body in your life”. I answered “Yes my dear, when ever I drink a pot of Bru Coffee, the situation feel like a bitter concoction. Yeah I do miss those pots of Bru coffee; we had after getting down from the kaloor-thammanom private bus”.


  1. Hi Appu,
    Remember.......No man can be happy without a friend,BUT, nor can he be sure of his friend till he is unhappy.
    It's no good trying to keep up old friendships. It's painful for both sides. The fact is, one grows out of people, and the only thing is to face it.
    More important is the BIG FACT that....There are no such things as strangers, they are only FRIENDS WE HAVEN'T MET YET!
    Believe it, Friends are born, not made.
    Why ever miss anything? Find better replacements that you never need to regret, that s building up attitude, u know!!
    Best of Luck!! More steaming coffees waiting for u, who knows :)

  2. i found my friend.there is no more space for those dirty idiotic bru coffee pots of those slugging olden days.