Mystic Incantation

Mystic Incantation

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Last Mole of Oxygen

This is my favourite story for a person who is going to be very special in my life.

“Yeah, I will be there, yes yes Thermodynamics yeah”, with irritation I answered to the guy who was there in the other side of telephone. Time is scrambling and me on my journey to ask the permission to her about my marriage. I am waiting for the Bangalore express of 5.30pm. Still exist kilometers to travel to see that beautiful person. At last it arrived. The train keeps the same mood as how it was before 5 years. After every tiresome waiting at Aluva railway station whenever I get into that train it felt like a relaxation, because the dream place for which I dreamt was a reality then. That prestigious world famous research center of Bangalore made me into a great teacher who travels from place to place for giving lectures at the age of 27. I sat on that reserved seat; I felt it was waiting for me till 2014. I could never get into this favorite train after my MTech. Even when I was at states I missed those colorful days we spent at that Lalbagh garden and Big bazaar. But this time I am going to Bangalore to get her permission for my marriage. The train step by step, round by round gained its momentum. I simply tilted my head to the window side to see the tears sky left when dawn departed it for the dusk. I always think, rain is the incarnation of that person because the whole world’s beauty lies with these two characters. Now the train is at Trichur, the place where I did my graduation in chemical engineering. With a deep sigh my memories went back to GEC. The chemical technology, material technology labs, canteen, the chemical tree where lovers sit together sharing the beautiful thoughts about their future, the staff room where we stood for hours waiting our teachers, to get our records signed, and the class rooms where laziness made its permanent dwelling and my favorites like fluid, thermodynamics, mass heat transfer. Still memories are sweet, but not as sweet as the person whom I am going to see. Train keeps its momentum covering palakkad, saelam and I went into the company of dreams by closing my eyes.

Now its Condonment station. Still exists 10 more minutes to reach Bangalore main station. I took my brush and put some paste in it. I confirmed whether it is that herbal paste which she always tells about. After getting a warm wash on my face I carried my entire luggage and went near the door waiting for the heaven Bangalore. It is getting close 5 mins, 2 mins and at last I am here. With ecstasy I inhaled the Moles of Oxygen. Still it carries the beautiful smell of lavender which she  always had. The wind still hums the Kalyani raga which she always sung for me. The wind still brings the odor of those colorful roses we exchanged together with our hearts. Yes once and still I love her more than anything and I don’t know why Time absorbed the color of those roses to its realm. I don’t know what prompted us to depart each other. I don’t know how she feels about her new life with out me. Still I remember the first day I joined that institution to take math tuition for BTech students where we met each other. Still her sound is circling me and making me happy, but she is not with me. Again I inhaled the moles of oxygen, now it doesn’t bring the smell of lavender but the smell of tears I made when she told me “Your love is a burden for me”.

The platform is getting into its hectic life. It was filled with busy people, students, breakfast sellers and so many. I rambled there in search of that old tea shop. I don’t know what all epithets I should put forward to express my memories about this beautiful place. I walked to the auto stand. I entered into the auto. The driver asked me to where he should convey me. I was stuck because I don’t know where I should go first. With a little bit dilemmas I told-- Lalbagh, the romantic place where I often visited with the MTech textbooks I had. When I reached Lalbagh, when I found the buds of red roses again my memories went after those days where we shared the joy of our beautiful tomorrows. But that angel is not with me now. She went miles ahead leaving me alone and now I am here to ask her permission about my marriage[to be continued]

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  1. no continuation the heroine my mind...... and all characters are now obsolete.